Tuesday, 3 March 2009

The most visited school website in the country

According to the website popularity monitor, Hitwise UK, Woodlands Junior school has by far the most visited school website in the country. For 2008, our website was the third most popular site for an education institution, behind the University of Aberdeen and the Open University, but ahead of learndirect. There were no other school websites above us.

Our school's vision is ‘Caring about learning, proud to shine’ This is certainly evident through out our website. It was made for our students as a place for them to show off their work, their school and their community to the world. We are very proud of the fact that 18 million people a year are reading our work. Thank you:)

During 2008 the Woodlands Junior website received:
  • 30,616,362 Visits
  • 18,272,249 Absolute Unique Visitors
    (Over 50,000 visitors each single day)
  • 151,228,514 Pageviews
The sheer number of worldwide visitors to our website speaks volumes of how well we are showcasing our school, and we are not even at full throttle yet! We have a lot of exciting plans that will move our school on even further. Watch this space!

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