Monday, 11 May 2009

Moon Calendar

I thought you may be interested to know who is using our 2009 Moon Calendar.
As a kayaker in the desert southwest, I usually go kayaking before the sun comes up, since this is the coolest part of the day - I user your moon calendar to pick the most well-lit times (mostly full moon) - thanks for your great page!
I use your moon calendar to help me record the phases of the moon for my homework when it is too cloudy to see the moon.
The moon phases are a very real factor in the feeding patterns of fish. I have used your moon phases to help me find out about the best fishing times. Sea fish feed better on a full moon, a great website thanks.
I used your moon calendar to know when the full moon was as it is the best time to plant. In the olden days, watching the moon was the only way to know when it was time to plant.
We are having a discussion in a photography forum about the best settings to photograph the full moon, so your moon data is particularly helpful in planning for this. Thanks.
Thanks for the moon phases as I now know 2 Nov 09 is the Loi Kratong festival in Thailand which is going to be the highlight of my holiday there
Moth Collector
Thanks for the information on Moon phases. I use it, in conjunction with the weather forecast for my area, to decide the best nights to put out my moth trap. The best nights are overcast or dark nights, so I need to know how bright the moon is going to be.
Wedding DJ
I found your full moon phases planner really useful for summer weddings, if there is likely to be a full moon, and I have a marquee or rural disco, I can moderate the light leakage so people outside can really enjoy the evening.
As a pagan I use the phases as a source of energies at different times.

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