Sunday, 28 June 2009

Travel Information for Year 6 Pupils and their Parents and Carers

These booklets on transition for use with year 6 pupils have been produced by Kent Highways Agency. The aim is to prepare them for their new journey to secondary school. The activities explore the child’s feelings about transition, and guide them through making decisions about how to travel safely, providing them with useful information and resource details on the way. The booklet is designed to be printed double sided on A4 paper.

Travel transition leaflet for Year 6 pupils

They have also designed a booklet for parents/carers of these pupils which gives advice on choosing the most suitable (and hopefully sustainable) way for your child to get to their new school. It also gives tips on how to prepare your child for a safe journey.

Travel transition guide for parents and carers June 2009

Please take the time to download these files and talk through any concerns that your child might have about how they will travel to their new school.

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