Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Day Three and a Trip to the Isle of Wight

It looked like it was going to be a disaster weather-wise as we made our way down the A3 towards Portsmouth in the pouring rain! Thankfully, as we pulled into the city the sun began to shine and the clouds cleared.

The ferry crossing was a little choppy (and Mr Waterman discovered that he would not be joining the Royal Navy anytime soon!) but everyone else travelled well!

Robin Hill Country Park was an overwhelming success - particular highlights included the Toboggan Run, Hill Billy Slides, Colossus Galleon Ship and Time Machine simulation ride.

Arriving back to the site the children played games with their group leaders, Joe & Katie, and then after dinner, a few minutes to tidy rooms for daily room inspection (and an unscheduled Fire Drill - to which they responded with the true Woodlands' high standards), the children have spent the evening as participants in the 'Have A Go Show'.
More piccies to enjoy and a video too! (Miss B's first attempt so apologies if it doesn't work!)

Watch this space for news about tomorrow's activities...

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