Friday, 11 September 2009

Year 6 Recreate the Jarrow March

As part of our Britain Since the 1930s topic work we have been learning about the depression during the years 'before the war'. In the town of Jarrow, near Newcastle, 80% of the workforce were made unemployed when the shipyard there closed down. 200 men marched the 300 mile route to London to make their plight known.

Today, Year 6 took part in their own Jarrow March, drawing attention from onlookers by carrying their own banner and placards and loudly protesting about their lack of jobs and money to support their families back in Tyneside.

They met 'The Prime Minister's secretary' (Mrs Wade), who informed them that their journey had been a waste of time as he was far too busy to see them. She instructed them to return home on the train to their families.

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