Monday, 5 October 2009

The Moon

It is always lovely to hear how our visitors are using the website. We are amazed how useful our Moon pages are for a wide variety of people. Here are two comments we received this week about our Moon calendar :

"I am a sailor and a scientist. I used your site to plan a night time sea voyage from Grenada West Indies to British Virgin Islands so that I was sailing around the time of the full moon to light up the night time sailing. I thought the technical detail in the site was brilliant."
Dr Sue Kingsman

"I am a Captain in the Army and my current job is to test all new wheeled vehicles. We look at various aspects of the vehicle when testing them; this includes any special night vision equipment.

When testing night vision equipment it is essential that we know when the darkest nights will be and then plan our trials and tests around them. Your calendar has proved to be an invaluable asset for all my staff during the planning process, could you please pass on our thanks and congratulations on a great piece of work and let the young people know that they are contributing greatly to supplying excellent equipment to our troops serving overseas."
John S

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