Wednesday, 17 March 2010

The best optimised education site on the web?

I was very pleased to read this week that, according to Hitwise, the Woodlands website is again the biggest recipient of traffic from the search term ‘mothers day’. Our website received a third of all clicks on the term – more than three times as much as Wikipedia (the second biggest).

The title of this post comes from one of the many blog posts that are written about our website and its high ranking in Google. Companies pay alot of money to have their websites appear high in search engines and so there is much interest on how we manage it. I think one of the latest posts about our website hits the nail on the head when it says:
"If ever you wanted proof that optimising your site for human beings is the best way to optimise it for search engines, this is it." Blonde
Woodlands website has indeed been written for human beings - learners of all ages.  The prime aim of  our site is to extend learning beyond the classroom wall. Our aim is not to get the most number of visitors, but instead to give our pupils the best education they can have by making learning available to them 24/7.

I originally created the site for the pupils in my class and now continue to write it for learners all around the world. To have a high ranking in search engines is a bonus, but what is more important to me, and to the school,  is the impact my work has on learning.

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