Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Year 5 Trip to Knole House

This week we visited Knole House, to learn more about the Tudors. The class was split into two groups in the morning, the first activity was to dress up as different Tudor people and go around the house learning about their roles, we were the wife of a craftsman and the house keeper.

Next we looked at different artefacts from Tudor times and sorted them in to who would use them and why. Our favorite artefact was a pottery carpet cleaner that they filled to the top with water and then sprinkled it over the carpet to keep the dust down.

After lunch we had a walk around Knole Park and learnt about the different wildlife. Did you know that they have two sorts of deer at Knole? The dark ones are Sika deer, what other species do they have?

We enjoyed dressing up as the Tudor characters most and learnt that Tudor ladies wore up to eleven petticoats.

Anna and Zoe

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