Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Year 6 Isle of Wight - Day Three: Achieving Goals

We, like England, have been scoring some personal goals today. There was another fun day of activities in store. More lovely pictures of the children (and staff) having a great time.

Aeroball, rock climbing, trapeze, abseiling, walks on the beach and sensory trail amongst others were all accompanied by the most beautiful sunny day! We really have been blessed with the weather this week.
There was more delicious food to keep up the energy supplies. Children were very excited to find out that pudding this evening was chocolate donuts – although most of the chocolate seemed to be all around their mouths rather than in them. Mucky pups!
While the children were taking part in their evening entertainment – The Great Egg Race – their rooms were having their daily inspection. You may be surprised to see just how tidy the children can make their rooms in return for a single Starburst sweet and the Tidiest Room Award! What do you think about their creativity? The judging has been getting increasingly difficult as the week has gone by! Children have been inventive in everything from the position of shoes and suitcases to the way their pyjamas and teddy bears have been placed (some have even had thought bubbles today!).

We’re looking forward to more fun tomorrow and can hardly believe that we’re already more than half way through our exciting adventures at Little Canada.

By Mrs Easto and Myles W

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