Monday, 5 July 2010

Sports Day - Monday 5th July

What a wonderful Woodlands Sports Day it has been! For once the weather was perfect - not too hot or too wet!! We began the day with competitive races and were delighted to see all the children cheering for their houses. The scoring was very close and at the end of the morning Beech were in the lead, with Oak and Ash a close tied second and Elm in fourth place.
We had a super turnout from our parents, relatives and friends who all cheered on with gusto and even joined in a couple of races - thank you and well done!

In an astonishing teachers' race Mrs Wallis came from behind to take the lead as one by one all the staff developed some unusual affliction that prevented them from continuing. Please be assured that after a spray of water all made a swift recovery and were back with their classes.

The afternoon's circus of activites began with great enthusiasm as all the children then took part in a round robin competition collecting points for their house. The lead changed hands many times during the afternoon and Mrs Priestley kept us all on tenterhooks as she announced how many points the different houses had without letting on who was in the winning position.

Finally at 2:55pm we all gathered to hear the results:

1st Place Ash - 1440 points

2nd Place Beech 1404 points

3rd Place Elm 1373 points

4th Place Oak 1337 points

Congratulations to all the children who took part and our special thanks to the Friends Association for providing refreshments throughout the day and to Mrs Kennedy and her team for organising this event.

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