Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Chatham Dockyard School Trip

Yesterday year 6 visited Chatham Dockyard. Here, Eloise and Darcey offer an insight into what happened during the day….

“We looked round HMS Cavalier.

It smelt of old sea water and held 225 people at a time. The circular windows weren’t water-tight and so whenever high waves came, a thick layer of water would lay on the floor. (There could be up to 2.5 inches in water on the ship!) Out of 225 men, 20 of them could be ill at a time but the sick bay only had 2 beds!

We then attended a dance session and danced the waltz and swing dance. The women with family away fighting would dance these steps to bring back memories and try to keep their spirits high. You can listen to our song by visiting:

After lunch we had a short walk to an Anderson Shelter. On the way we spotted 5 other shelters, some of which the entrances were blocked. The one we went in was dug under the ground. Inside the shelter were benches, lights and a heater. All shelters had a phoning facility so they could keep in touch with other shelters so they knew when everything was ok outside. Only 22 bombs dropped directly onto the dockyard.

We then learned about the rationing. People during the war had a rota so everyone got a fair share of food. We tried wartime Fruit Cake, Lemon Curd Tart, Fish Paste sandwiches, Oatmeal Biscuits, Biscuits for Cheese and Fudge.

Some foods were very nice but others were revolting!!!

Unfortunately we had to go home. We had a lovely time.”

By Eloise and Darcey (6R)

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