Tuesday, 2 November 2010

The Mock Wedding

4FD went to a mock wedding at the Methodist church on Wednesday 20th October 2010. We started travelling straight after registration, and walked in groups of two from school to the church. When we got to the Methodist church the ushers {Josh and Luke} told us where to sit; the brides friends and family left hand side and the groom on the right. The groom and best man stood at the front meanwhile the bride, her father and the two bride’s maids stood at the back. Then they walked down the aisle. Next the Reverend Marianne said the vows and Lois and Luke {bride and groom} repeated it. At this point the bride’s maids had sat down. Lastly they made a promise and the Reverend Marianne blessed the ring that shows never ending love. The bride and groom held hands with their right hands to show an agreement that they would be man and wife. It was a mock wedding so they were not really married. Finally they walked back down the aisle and we walked back to school.
By Catherine.

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