Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Day 2 of the Year 6 Residential

We know you want to know how last night went, so..... we did get some sleep, but not much. Lloyd's pharmacy (Mrs Lloyd) operated out of hours attending to the late on-set of travel sickness and motion sickness, causing stubbed toes and children falling out of beds. All in all, a little more eventful than the teachers anticipated!

After breakfast, the children enjoyed a wide range of activities which included aeroball, archery, ladder logic and the zip wire.

The sensory trail proved a winner with all staff as we could take revenge for last nights lack of sleep by pouring water over them and getting them extremely muddy.

The PGL staff were enthusiastic in leading the activities but some of the children found it hard to understand different English accents. First quote after a Scottish person told one group what to do to succeed in the task, "Are you speaking a foreign language?" Second quote after a PGL staff member telling the group that she originates from Yorkshire, "Do you come here every day?"

Despite heavy rain this afternoon the children's energy levels remained high. Some abseiled, climbed walls and took part in a team building obstacle course.

Three hot meals a day are proving a big hit and it was made more enjoyable for the teachers tonight as some Year 6 pupils had been given a forfeit by the PGL staff to clear away their trays. Maybe from now on the children will be more careful manoeuvring around obstacles in their activities.

Year 6 are currently enjoying their evening activity of 'Wacky Races' but more on that tomorrow.

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