Monday, 4 July 2011

Woodlands Invade the Isle of Wight

Day One of the Year 6 residential...

We made it to the Isle of Wight! After leaving school at 6am, we finally arrived on the island and headed straight for the Needles. We climbed aboard our second boat for the day and enjoyed a leisurely cruise around Alum Bay taking in the sights of the coloured sand and The Needles itself.
Quote from the Boat: "Are those real birds on top of those cliffs?" (Anon - for now...)

We headed back to the beach for lunch and everyone enjoyed the cool temperatures of the sea by paddling/splashing. Once all our batteries were recharged, we made our way back up the 188 steps to the Glassworks demonstrations and, more importantly, the souvenir shops.
At 3.30pm, instead of 3pm (as some of the staff were too busy savouring their slushies) we left Alum Bay and made our way to the PGL site. When we arrived at Little Canada we were greeted by our PGL reps for the week, Rachel and Stewart. The long-awaited announcement of room allocations was revealed and the children set to work making their beds. Ten minutes later however, Mr Chatley was required to demonstrate 'How to make a duvet up'. The demonstration was successful, but let's just say the application was....... as you would expect.

Dinner was a welcome sight and the children are now enjoying an outdoor adventure game finding their way around Little Canada. Knowing that everyone was awake around 4.30 this morning, what are the chances of a reasonable night's sleep? The children's energy levels are high so the teachers are doubtful.
Tune in tomorrow to find out more about Year 6's adventures on the Island.

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