Friday, 2 March 2012

World Book Day

To celebrate World book day both teachers and pupils were asked to dress up as their favourite book characters.
Campers from the book 'Holes'
Brian Moses (writer, perfomance poet, percussionist and editor) visited Woodlands Junior School as part of the World Book Day celebrations. He performed many of his poets in a very enjoyable whole school assembly.
Throughout the week, classes have enjoyed reading, performing and re-writing some of them in class. 6R wrote their own version of "Things to Say to places in the UK":

Don’t be a fool if you visit Liverpool.
Don’t tell bad jokes in Sevenoaks.
Take a plaster if you visit Doncaster.
Don’t join a band in Sunderland.
Say ‘yes’ to a Fiesta, when you go to Rochester.
Say ‘yahoo’ to Waterloo!
Never be late if you’re down in Ramsgate
Or go on a ferry to Londonderry.
Be polite when you visit the Isle of Wight.
Warning: Don’t eat curry when you’re staying in Surrey.
Bring a fan to the Isle of Man.
Eat all your pork if eating out in York.
Never be mean in Aberdeen.
Drive your Fiesta whilst in Manchester.
Always look ‘hot’ when out in Aldershot.
Always wear your lipstick if you’re in the Lake District.
Eat your food raw, when you’re in Dartmoor.
Always take a rattle if you choose to visit Battle.
Don’t eat lamb in Nottingham.
Everyone has mail in Seascale.
Never say “I win” when you’re in Dublin!
Lend an ear in Stamfordshire.
Everybody is normal when they’re brought up in Cornwall!
Always pay your bills in the Costwold Hills.
Don’t look low when in Glasgow.
Don’t be frightened when in Brighton.
If you’re in the British Isles, drive around for many miles.
Brian then worked with several Year 5 and Year 6 children. After asking many questions about what inspires him to write poetry, where he gets his ideas from and how long it take him to write poems the children were given the opportunity to write their own poems with some assistance from Brian along the way. What talents the children have - their writing was very creative.

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