Friday, 25 May 2012

Headteacher’s Question of the Term – May 2012

Are you looking for something to do during the half term break?  Why not have a go at the Headteacher's Question of the Term?

The theme for the final question this year is ‘The Olympics’.

If you are unsure where to start the following themes may help to focus your ideas:
  • Find out about the early Olympic Games;
  • Choose an athlete who inspires you and write about their life story;
  • Find out about the medal tables of the last ten years;
  • Investigate the stadia that have been built – find pictures of them and write about them or make a model;
  • Choose an unusual Olympic sport to find out about.
Present your findings in an exciting and eye-catching way. Surprise me...
  • Make a model
  • Write a leaflet
  • Design a poster
  • Use Lego, papier-mâché, or clay
Hand to me by Wednesday 11th July (so certificates can be written before the end of Term 6). Thank you!

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