Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Day 2 at PGL

So, someone didn’t cross their fingers because whilst it was a quiet night, people aged 11+ still class 5.30am as sleeping time and not wakey up time.  After a very, very early start breakfast was eventually consumed at 8.30am.
Throughout the day the children have taken part in various activities some clean and some not so….
Unfortunately for the children (but fortunately for the adults) the forfeits have reached an all time high.  However, you will be pleased to know that the children are taking these in their stride.

Pants have been worn on heads, socks have been worn on hands, various items of clothing have been worn back to front and many solos continue to be sung.

The children have been working very well together as a team and have faced personal challenges by climbing very high towers.  We have been impressed by their enthusiasm and behaviour.

Rooms are being inspected whilst they take part in the evening activity.  ‘The Great Egg Race’ is in progress as we type. 

We will keep you posted tomorrow and will have news of adventures around the Island -maybe more forfeit news but most certainly more entertaining photographs for you to enjoy.


  1. It is great to see the children having such fun - thanks for the pics and news.
    Jonathan's Mum x

  2. Thankyou for taking the time and effort to post these bloggs they are very much appreciated and it looks like you are all having a fantastic time. Amanda Abbott