Thursday, 28 June 2012

Day 4 on at PGL

Finally a quiet night! The teachers have finally fulfilled their mission and have tired out 80 children.  All children slept very well and had to be woken (in their beds) by 9 very vengeful teachers. 

The children enjoyed another day of fun activities on the PGL site.  Rope ladders were climbed, abseiling towers were conquered, tunnels were crawled through, tired muddy children completed the sensory trial and team games were played.

 A short blog tonight as we are rushing to get ready to go to the beach for a surprise – a beach fire with marshmallows.  Mr Chatley has jogged the length of the island tracking down enough marshmallows for everyone including teachers (they can’t miss out on anything….)

Even though the children don’t want to come home, they are running out of clothes so they are going to have to! Wishing you every luck with your washing at the weekend. See you tomorrow for smiles and hugs.

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