Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Out and about on the Isle of Wight

The Great Egg race was thoroughly enjoyed by the children and they had great fun.  Room inspections were very…..errmmmm… interesting.  Efforts ranged from the very creative the very ‘explosive’ (ie. Several looked like bomb sights).  Scores ranged from 9 out of 10 to the very generous 1 out of 10.  Let’s just say boys will be boys (we'll spare their shame and not publish the photo). 

Our day out on the Island was great fun.  After arriving at Alum Bay 80 children and 9 adults descended down the steps to the Needles.  The boat ride into the mist was enjoyed by all even if it was a bit choppy (boats seem to be a recurring theme on this trip if you’ve been reading so far!).

The children seized the opportunity to go for a paddle and were surprised by the temperature.

After climbing up the 206 steps, exclusive Isle of Wight merchandise was purchased by the children from many of the gift shops at Alumn Bay and will be arriving at your doors in a few days time.
 Our last port (NB the boat theme again)of call for the day was Seaview Wildlife Centre.  Ducks a plenty with the odd meerkat and wallaby thrown in for good measure.  The children particularly enjoyed feeding the penguins.

The volume on the coach has gone down a decibel or two so we believe they are becoming more worn out J  Not too worn out to tidy rooms ready for grading tonight.

 During the day we were stopped by members of the public asking what school the children were from.  We could proudly say Woodlands in Kent.  They continue to be smiley and polite.

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