Monday, 25 June 2012

Woodlands invade the Isle of Wight

After being delayed on the M25 and the A3 we eventually got on the ferry (NB: someone else’s ferry because we missed ours!).  Once on the ferry, a very late breakfast/early lunch was consumed.  Whilst sailing towards the Isle of Wight one child asked “where is the Isle of Wight?” to which the adult could only point in one (OBVIOUS) direction. 

 The children were all very excited to arrive at Robin Hill where the very first thing they choose to do was to get on another boat! This boat sailed every 10 minutes with 50 (screaming) children each time.

The children enjoyed exploring the park and many children were heard saying “this is best school trip ever.”

 This quote might be different tomorrow since Mr Chatley and Mr Childs are enjoying giving out forfeits for not wearing their yellow hats.  So far, many children have endured star jumps, burpees and after dinner speeches with some ‘intriguing’ topics.

We arrived at PGL and were greeted by Vicky and Will who are our group leaders for the week.  The children are very excited about their rooms and have spent time (actually quite a lot of time) trying to make duvets and beds.  All children have been fed and watered and all catering needs were met.

We have just returned from a night hike with wet feet, soggy socks and muddy trousers.  The children were told many things about the island.  You may be interested to know that if you stand very still, close your eyes and hold out your arms (to balance!!!) you may be able to feel it move.

Looks like we are in for a very fun week so log on tomorrow (hopefully not so late) and catch up with our news.  Fingers crossed for a quiet night ...


  1. Thank you Miss Ridger - sounds fantastic fun, can't wait to hear more tomorrow!

  2. Great blog and we are happy parents knowing it is all going so well xx